A Great Stretch For Forward Head Posture

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In my last post I talked about forward head posture or texting neck. The latest phrase I’ve heard is devise-itis. Whatever you call it, it’s definitely affecting a lot of people. In this post I want to share a neck stretch with you that I show all of my clients with FHP. Rather than describe it, I thought I’d find a video and post it here so you can watch it.

The video is from Yoga Tune up and is pretty much the same stretch I teach in my CranioSacral practice. This stretch is great for anyone who has a forward head posture, has had whiplash, general neck and shoulder tension, TMJ and even symptoms from carpel tunnel and repetitive stress issues of the arms and hands.

I give this stretch to my clients as part of their home care program. It’s a very effective stretch and a great way to help yourself between sessions. Check it out and if you have any questions feel free to contact me. Remember, posture is important for a healthy functioning body. Give some attention to your posture now. Watch the video, try the stretch and enjoy the freedom of movement you’ll get from this stretch.

Neck stretch for forward head posture

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