Inside a UNC lineman’s concussion ordeal

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Inside a UNC lineman’s concussion ordeal by Andrew carter is worth the read. As someone who treats people with concussions and have sustained my own concussion in 2017, I can say Andrew does a really good job of describing the injury. We’ve come some distance in recognizing concussions and there is still so much that we don’t understand about the brain. No two concussions are the same and each person experiences them differently in terms of symptoms and how long it takes to heal.

Something that is missing in the conversation of concussions and prevention of concussions is treatment.
The medical model of treating concussions is primarily pills to manage symptoms and wait and see. Many times these medications cause other symptoms to manage which ultimately puts more burden on the persons system and physiology.

Another way of approaching treatment is thru osteopathic manual therapy and craniosacral therapy. These modalities allow us to directly work with and affect the various tensions that happen from a concussion and traumatic brain injury. By assisting the body to move thru, unwind and discharge these tensions the body begins to heal.

The Upledger Institute did a pilot study with some NFL players with great results. Below are links to a couple videos worth seeing.

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