Walking the Labyrinth

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In honor of completing my website and opening a new location in San Francisco I decided to spend an afternoon in quiet refection walking the beautiful labyrinth at Grace Cathedral.  If you haven’t been there I highly recommend it.  They have an indoor and outdoor labyrinth and both are lovely.  I walked them both.  It was a nice way to spend the afternoon, stepping out of time for a bit and letting my mind rest.

As I walked, occasionally I would pass others on the labyrinth.  I enjoyed these silent meetings of my fellow human, deciding without words how to pass on the path.  There was always a kind smile to be had.  There is something so soothing and rejuvenating about labyrinths.  A sense of calm expansiveness, focused energy and a quiet mind.

When I arrived at the center of the labyrinth I stood there for some time, soaking in the stillness of my mind, the quiet of my body and freedom that I felt.  Anything is possible was the message to me that day.

I stood there longer and allowed that message to really take root in me.  When I felt I was ready to leave the comfort of this space I began my journey back into the world.  I again followed the winding path, leaving the way I had entered.  My intriguing discovery – the path was the same, I was different.  I rejoined the world with focus, excitement, and strength.

Here’s a link to the labyrinth at Grace Cathedral:


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