What Do We Need To Know About Cell Phone Radiation

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I just happened to tune into 91.7 yesterday and heard the last half of this interesting show about cell phone radiation and the possible effects of it to our health.  Devra Davis is a scientist and professor.  She founded the Environmental Health Trust and the first ever Center for Environmental Oncology.  I’ll post the link to the show here.  If you are at all wondering or worried about the possible effects of radiation we are all absorbing every day from using our cell phones, please listen to this show.  Even the first 10 minutes will give you some insight.   Devra also talks about the dangers of kids using cell phones, keeping cell phones on our body ( in a pocket ) and using computers in bed where we have the computer balanced on our lap or chest.

Devra is not suggesting that we all stop using cell phones or wifi but that there are ways to protect our self from the harmful effects of radio waves that the industry has left unsaid.  On February 1st 2011 an ordinance goes into effect here in San Francisco that will require the cell phone retailers to list in plain sight absorption levels of the different phones, which is the amount of radio waves absorbed into the cell phone user’s body tissue.

Again, interesting information.  Listen and decide for yourself.


If you go to Devra’s website you’ll find some very helpful tips on how to reduce your exposure to cell phone radiation.


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