Take A Stretch Break – How Posture Influences Mood, Energy And Thoughts

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This is a short read that explores the connection between our posture and our mood.  Yet another good reason to sit up straight, take stretch breaks and walk tall.  All things our mom’s probably told us when we were little.  No surprise, they were right.  From the article:

Peper’s conclusion: sitting up straight and walking tall is good for energy and mood. The opposite can have the opposite effect. The basic premise is a scientific take on “fake it till you make it.”

“If your grandmother told you to sit up straight,” said Peper, “in some ways she was right.”

Other studies have produced further evidence that would gratify mothers and grandmothers everywhere. For example, a small Ohio State study in 2009 found that sitting up straight reinforced confidence. Other work has demonstrated that bad posture can result in feelings of helplessness and stress and that adopting postures associated with power can decrease sensitivity to pain.

So, after you finish reading this, take a stretch break and then observe yourself.  How do you feel?

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