It's Summer Time! What Sunscreen Will You Be Using?

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With all the different sunscreens to choose from, how does one decide?  I for one have always been skeptical of putting sunscreen on my body due to the load of chemicals in them and the refusal of the FDA to regulate for our health.  And I know that skin cancer is on the rise.  What are we to do?

+There’s a great website from EWG – Environmental Working Group – that breaks it down.  They have a list of the best sunscreens in terms of protection and health risk.  You can also find helpful information on sun safety tips and other research.I’d highly recommend checking it out if you plan to spend any time in the sun this summer.

There is also a short article put out by Dr. Mercola on safe sunscreens and how to choose what’s right for you.

Have a wonderful summer and protect your skin!


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